• July 28th 2016: "I'd rather be poor than European ..."

• July 25th 2016: Brexit as intentional National Self Harm?

• July 19th 2016: Just what kind of new trade deals will the UK be able to make in a post Brexit world?

• July 18th 2016: Where have those nice Britons gone?

• July 12th 2016: Government schedules debate in Parliament over 2nd referendum petition with over 4m signatures

• July 11th 2016: Another day and another politician quits the hot seat of Brexit responsibility!

• July 11th 2016: Over 1,000 barristers have signed a letter to the Prime Minister urging that Parliament take the final Brexit decision....

• July 1st 2016: Eminent philosopher Anthony Grayling has written to all 650 MPs urging them NOT to initiate action on Article 50....

• July 1st 2016: Delayed implementation of Article 50 is the only sensible strategy to get the best deal for the UK ...


Confusion has reigned since the dramatic Leave result of the UK referendum of June 23rd

There is no clear way ahead and it is unlikely that many of the Leave Campaign promises can be delivered. Although a majority of voters supported 'Leave' the result is only 'advisory' and we do not know how the Government intends to act.

Please use this Blog to discuss and raise awareness of the many important issues that now arise.

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